Truly a Family Band

A Family Curse is truly a family band. The inspired collaboration between a father and daughter, Neil and Kandle Osborne come together to create AFC, the curse being cast is the compulsion to pursue a life immersed in creating art and music.


A few years ago, Neil and fellow songwriter Danny Michel got together and recorded some song ideas.  Do to busy schedules those tracks were left to collect a little dust until Neil rediscovered the tracks and was inspired to work on them. Revealing the song ideas to daughter, Kandle immediately finalized lyrics and brought focus to the collaboration.  That was the beginning of A Family Curse.


Their live show dialogue and antics plays out the millennial version of “A Father Knows Best” It’s a family story that reveals their creative infection and family affection. Often joined on stage by a support cast of various cousins, uncles and aunts of the Osborne clan.

A Family Curse recipe - A family band - a renegade folk/blues outfit.   Take some Staple Singers, add a little Carpenters or Partridge Family. Sprinkle in a dash of  Smothers Brothers or Sonny & Cher. Throw in some desert sand, blessings and curses and some slide guitar. Ready to serve.



As lead singer and chief songwriter of 54•40, Neil Osborne has achieved critical acclaim, released more than a dozen albums and weathered the fickle music business for more than four decades.

As a songwriter Osborne has penned such fabulous signature 54•40 songs as ‘I Go Blind’, One Day In Your Life, One Gun’, ‘Since When’ and ‘Ocean Pearl’’ which have crossed from the realm of rock to a broader base.  

Kandle has established a strong independent career and has made her mark as a powerful songwriter as evidenced on her latest album “Set The Fire”. Her Bond-inspired masterpiece for Lock and Load was nominated for a Canadian Independent Video Award. Her debut album “In Flames” was an instant success and went on to gain a Juno nomination and win a Prism Prize Award.Add a short bio here.

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