From the recording A FAMILY CURSE

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Battered Bag of Bones

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8 Battered Bag of Bones 3:01
(Kandle Osborne /Neil Osborne)
Kandle Osborne -vocals
Neil Osborne- Drums, bass and guitars, whistler, vocals
Geanine Robey - backround vocals
BPM – 64
Produced by Neil Osborne
Mix Engineer(s): Dave Ogilvie


9. Battered Bag of Bones

I don’t see nothin’, it’s hard to hear
It don’t mean nothin’ when it comes from fear
And I don’t feel it, I’m not at ease
It still means nothin’ when you come chasing me

You won’t let me back home
Soon I’ll be a battered bag of bones

But now it’s in me, twisted my spine
But you won’t notice cuz I’ve been looking fine
I won’t be sleeping and looking pale
We’re wasting nothing when you drag me to Hell