1. Getaway Car

From the recording A FAMILY CURSE

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Getaway Car

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10 Getaway Car - 4:11
(Kandle Osborne/ Neil Osborne)
Kandle Osborne - Vocals
Neil Osborne – drums, bass , guitars , background vocals
BPM – 59
Produced by Neil Osborne
Mix Engineer(s): Dave Ogilvie


Ohhh…Come on honey
I won’t survive I owe too much money
I got a plan
Take what I need with my own two hands
I’ll wear a disguise
Lie on the floor and cover your eyes
You don’t have to die
Do as I say and go home to your wife

I might sound crazy no prince is gonna save
I’m a grown baby just trying to make it out alive
Get out of my way I’m breaking the glass
I’m clenching my teeth from running so fast
I took all they had from behind the bar
I’m getting away in my getaway car
A trail of dust hides all the shots
I’ll never get cuffed I’ll never get caught
No way in hell I’d be behind bars ‘til I rot

Boy get off my tail
I’ll skip town, I’ll ride all the rails
If you’ve seen my face
I’ll have to seduce you to get off my case

I might sound crazy no prince is going to save me
I’m a grown baby just tryin’ to make it out alive